University of California to Vote on Increasing Tuition

The Daily Handle (US)

The University of California (UC) will decide July 22 whether to raise tuition, despite recently receiving nearly $1.3 billion in state funding. “I firmly believe keeping tuition stable within our public university system is critical, and do not support a tuition increase at this time,” Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) told The Epoch Times. “Families have been struggling during the pandemic, and this year has been difficult enough for so many Californians.” The proposed tuition for incoming freshmen would increase by at least two percent plus inflation beginning fall 2022, bringing tuition for students up by hundreds of dollars in comparison to the current statewide UC tuition cost of $12,570. If passed, UC would raise tuition for each incoming class. The amount will remain in effect for six years, beginning at the time of enrollment. The proposed increase being presented to the UC Board of Regents was initially brought forward in March 2020, only to …

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